What Does An Autoclave Do For Your Dental Practice?

what does an autoclave do

As a regular dental patient visiting your dentist, didn’t it ever cross your mind that the instruments he is using on you have been previously used on his other patients? It is important that all tools and instruments should be sterilised so that cross-contamination and spread of any health disease are avoided. This is what a dental autoclave is for. But how does it work, and what does an autoclave do? Critical Dental can help you on how to choose an efficient autoclave for your practice, like the ones we have from MELAG Autoclave.


What Does an Autoclave Do?

One of the requirements of ADA and health agencies like the CDC is to ensure proper sterilisation and sanitation of any health clinic or establishment. This is the reason why autoclaves are not only a piece of staple equipment in dental clinics, but also in medical institutions and facilities. It is actually a requirement for a dental practice to have a steriliser or autoclave in their workplace. But what does an autoclave do?

After cleaning the instruments, devices, and tools used to perform a dental (or medical) procedure, they have to ensure that they are completely sterilised so that no germs, bacteria, or viruses can be spread from one patient to another. An autoclave ensures this by using high heat and pressure to kill these microorganisms that could cause diseases.


Tips on How To Properly Use An Autoclave

One must remember that not all autoclaves and sterilizers are the same. It is then imperative for a dentist or any practitioner to refer to the instruction guide or manual of their chosen autoclave so they can use it appropriately.

autoclave procedure

  • Make sure that the instruments are deeply cleaned and free from any body tissues or fluid (blood, saliva) from the patient. Only instruments that are reusable and can handle extreme heat and pressure should be sterilized.
  • Dry the instruments before putting them inside the autoclave.
  • Put them in autoclave compatible packaging so that sterilization is maintained even after autoclaving. Label each packaging properly with the autoclaving date and the date the sterilization would expire.
  • After autoclaving, check the indicators to make sure that proper sterilization was performed. You can use an internal or external indicator, whichever is applicable.
  • To avoid confusion as to whether you have sterilized an instrument or not, maintain a monitoring logbook or record to document every autoclaving procedure.


We hope that these simple tips help you make use of your autoclaves efficiently and conveniently. For more inquiries regarding any sterilization procedure, do not hesitate to ask anyone from Critical Dental’s staff and we will gladly address your concerns. We can also introduce you to some of MELAG Autoclave’s signature products to help you set up your dental practice.


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