Ways To Better Maintain Medical and Surgical Supplies

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Medical and surgical supplies have become very advanced and expensive. That is why keeping them in excellent working condition is a priority, especially if your practice does not often get visits from your suppliers or manufacturers to take care of equipment maintenance and support. Medical equipment and surgical supplies are crucial in performing sophisticated medical procedures. And when these items do not get proper maintenance and care, they can fail to work and compromise your patient’s safety, sometimes rather unexpectedly.

The good thing is medical supplies by reliable dealers and trusted companies rarely fail and have a longer lifespan. Given that the medical supplies are taken care of as instructed in their user manual.

Generally, medical staff who use medical supplies has the responsibility to maintain and take care of it. But often, such duty is overlooked because of more pressing matters at hand, such as patient care. Plus, some equipment is too complex to maintain for a person who has no special training in handling such equipment.

For this reason, we have prepared a list to help you maintain and take care of your medical supplies.

Make an Inventory

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It is better to document all medical supplies that come into your practice. In this way, you will be able to track all items in stock so you can plan maintenance activities around them. You can start by breaking up your inventory into different categories such as diagnostic supplies, surgical supplies, and even consumable supplies like fluids and medications.

Proper Storage

The first thing you need to consider upon receiving your supply is its storing facility. Most medical supplies have specific instructions when it comes to storage. Most equipment only requires room temperature, though some may require a different and specific storing temperature. Medical and surgical supplies are best stored dry in durable containers.

Assign and Train Your Team

It may not be easy to train your staff to look after your medical supplies and equipment, and not everyone has the talent required to understand complicated technical details. But it is more than enough to have at least one or two persons take responsibility in looking after your medical supplies and equipment. In this way, you can ensure better maintenance and performance of your medical supplies for longer.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Warranties and service support from your suppliers or manufacturers should cover your equipment maintenance at least for a year. If your warranty is past due, you can schedule regular maintenance with your trusted supply technicians. The best way to maintain and care for your medical supplies is by entrusting them with reliable professionals who know what they are doing.

We know that medical equipment is crucial to adding a year to a patient’s life. When medical supplies get compromised, so is the patient’s life. We hope that these tips might help you prolong the lifespan of your medical supplies to help serve your patients better.

If you are looking for some of the best equipment supply and maintenance services, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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