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When you own a dental business, you need to know that you have all the medical and surgical supplies that you need to keep your patients and your staff safe. You don’t want to worry about low quality supplies or about products that don’t contain everything you need. Critical Dental has been the trusted surgical packs suppliers for years and we offer everything from surgical packing to surgical ice packs under the name of Surgery Selections. This is an exclusive brand, created by us specifically for our customers, so that when you go to work, you know that you have the best quality equipment and supplies at your fingertips.


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When you buy a surgical pack, you’re buying everything you need to keep you and your patient safe.  We’re the supplier of high quality all in-one-kits that contain everything you’ll need to provide and maintain a safe and sterile environment during your dental and medical procedures. The contents of a surgical pack can vary, but often include essential medical items such as:

• A disposable surgical gown.

• Hand towels.

• Gowns for nurses.

• Patient Drapes along with adhesive and Tube holders.

• Suction Tubing.

• Swabs.

• Disposable trolley covers.

• Saliva Ejectors.

• Suction Tub Connectors.

• Drill Sleeves.

• And more…

Critical Dental has different products available to suit every type of dental business and procedure. That’s why we’re the best surgical packs suppliers around. If you have any trouble choosing the right surgical pack for your needs, the friendly, expert staff at Critical Dental are ready to assist you at any time.

If you need an all-in-one surgical pack, a patient drape, or some surgical ice packs, then look no further than Critical Dental. We’ve been the trusted surgical packs suppliers for more than a decade and stock a wide range of packs as well as other dental instruments at the best prices you’ll find online.  Visit us today!

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