In Need Of Professional Dental Equipment Services?

equipment repair and maintenance

Every dental professional need to be in full gear with functional dental equipment to provide the best dental practice. Professional dental equipment services are essential to get a quick restoration, which will help prolong your dental equipment’s lifespan.

Aside from the typical wear and tear, dental equipment and machines require occasional maintenance to ensure that they work well and serve their purpose. At Critical Dental, we are glad to offer dental equipment repair services for your handpiece, delivered by our team of skilled and well-trained technicians.


Importance of Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance

From basic dental equipment to advanced machines, a dental practice wouldn’t be complete without a piece of functional dental equipment. Equipment service and repair is vital in several aspects, such as:

  • Maintaining optimal performance

Dentistry is a crucial profession which requires detailed attention and skills. A slight pinch of an inconvenience may lead to significant setbacks which reflects your capabilities as a professional. Regular upkeeping is essential to ensure that your dental equipment and machines can provide optimal performance. Serving your patients according to their needs, is an excellent opportunity to build up your reputation.

  • Eliminating Costly Downtime

Running a piece of equipment at optimal performance helps avoid downtime. Equipment assessments and preventive maintenance programs are necessary to identify issues before they become significant problems.


Do I Need Dental Equipment Repair?

We have listed down the following points when considering dental equipment repair.

Check for Warranties

factors to get professional dental services

If your dental equipment is newly purchased, there is a high chance that the manufacturer may still cover its warranty period. Warranties are document guarantees issued to the consumer by its manufacturer, committing to fix or replace the faulty equipment within a specific timeframe.

Identifying the Problem

Determine what does not work correctly and try to look back when the equipment started to have problems. It can also help to have a sense of what could’ve gone wrong and situations that might have led to the problem.

Get Expert Advice

Recommendations from professional technicians are essential. They are experts that are knowledgeable enough to identify what causes the problems and provides possible solutions. Well-trained technicians can quickly assess your equipment and show you a detailed plan to fix the concern.

Considering New Equipment

In some cases, repairs are not enough and buying a new one is the only option available. There are also instances where fixing a piece of faulty equipment may cost more than a piece of more advanced equipment. Your technician will talk you through various options and help you decide whether to repair the dental equipment or consider buying a new one.


Professional Dental Equipment Services

Here at Critical Dental, we do not only provide top-of-the-line equipment for dental clinics; we also offer handpiece repair services that are essential in equipment maintenance. Our team firmly believes that every dental equipment deserves a chance to get fixed. With a strong background on dental equipment repair, we will make sure to extend the lifespan of your tools.

You may contact us for professional dental equipment services. Feel free to browse through our website for more information.

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