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Are you seeking the highest quality polypropylene suture? If so, then you might want to consider DemeLENE polypropylene sutures. Here at Critical Dental we have some of the best deals on top brand PP sutures for sale.


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Under the umbrella of DemeTech, DemeLENE PP sutures are a sterile non-absorbable suture composed of a polypropylene stereoisomer. Commonly used for skin closures on both veterinary and human medicine, they’re ideal for a wide range of surgical situations.

Because the polypropylene suture is a monofilament suture it doesn’t support any type of bacterial growth. In addition, it isn’t affected by blood or weakened by tissue enzymes. Moreover, because a monofilament PP suture isn’t absorbable, it offers a prolonged tensile strength.

DemeLENE PP sutures in particular are well known for their excellent handling, good durability, and low-tissue drag making this particular make of polypropylene suture one of the best on the market.

DemeLENE polypropylene suture boxes at Critical Dental are available in various sizes of 15mm, 17mm, 19mm and 24mm. PP sutures are the ideal solution for long term use when stitches are needed for more than 30 days and because polypropylene sutures are engineered to be ultra-smooth, patients will enjoy more comfort as they continue the healing process with less complaints of snagging.

Although DemeTECH has other monofilament sutures available for use in your dental clinic, DemeLENE polypropylene sutures offer everything you would expect from a non-absorbable sterile surgical suture. Dyed blue for enhanced visibility they’re designed to have an indefinite tensile strength yet are flexible enough to allow for easy but secure knot tying. They also come with a 3/8 circle reverse cutting needle designed to pass through tissue easily.

Here at Critical Dental, we’re one of the largest online suppliers of dental equipment, instruments, machinery and consumables in the country. Our aim is to offer the very best brands at great prices. So, if you’re looking for the best monofilament PP sutures to suit your needs at the best prices, then the team at Critical Dental can help.

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