Omnia Sterile Tubing Set for NSK, W&H, KaVo (Pack of 10)

$188.98 GST

Irrigation tubing

  • Sterile single use irrigation set suitable for surgical units
  • Provided with standard Y connection, suitable for both internal and external irrigation
  • Packaged in single sterile units
  • 1 PVC-tube with piercing pin and clamp
  • Pump section in medical grade silicone
  • Cable fixing clips
  • Perforator with air filter
  • Roller to adjust the flow
  • Final tip in soft PVC
  • Each pack contains 10 pieces and each set is single use

Tubing Options:

  • Nouvag 3000, Nouvag 700, MD10, MD10 without tap Staumann model Nouvag, Novaxa Assistant 2, Novaxa Assistant I – XT, Novaxa New Assistant (F0013)
  • KaVo Intrasept 905, Mectron Piezosurgery 3, Mectron Piezosurgery II (F0113)
  • NSK Surgic XT, NSK Surgic XT Plus, NSK SurgicPro, NSK VarioSurg, NSK Osseocision, Saeyang Ki-20, Bonart Piezo surgical system, Intra-Lock Delfin, Kyocera Implantonor Neo (F0134)
  • W&H Implantmed, W&H Implantmed new design, W&H Implantmed SI-923, W&H Piezomed, W&H Elcomed SA-310, W&H DU900, W&H Frios Unit S, W&H Frios Unit S/i, Nobel Biocare OsseoCare, Nobel Biocare OsseoSetTM 100, Nobel Biocare OsseoSetTM 200 SI-915 / SI-923, Astratech Implant Med SI 923, Dentium ICT Motor (F0139)
  • KaVo Intrasurg 1000, KaVo Intrasurg 1000 Air, KaVo Intrasurg 300 plus, KaVo Intrasurg 300/500 (F0161)
  • W&H Elcomed SA-200, W&H Drilltech (F0159)
  • Bien Air Chiropro 980, Bien Air OsseoDoc, BioSAFin Easy Surgery, BioSAFin MyTutor, Cefla Unit Cefla, EMS Piezon Master Surgery, Esacrom Surgysonic I, Esacrom Surgysonic II, Esacrom Surgysonic MOTO, idievolution TMM2, Silfradent Acrobone, Silfradent Easybone, Silfradent Surgybone, Sweden&Martina Heracle, Sweden&Martina Spin, Sympla Pro Surgy (F0170)
Buy 3x boxes of Irrigation Sets (NSK, W&H, Acteon, Alle or Omnia) and get a FREE box of Lotus Solus Sutures (L422B or L442B).

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