Medicom Safemask: Usefulness and Efficiency of Five Medicom Masks

The doctor wears a Medicom face mask.

The coronavirus outbreak is urging societies all around the world to comply with a new reality. People are forced to embrace new hygienic practices such as masks to prevent the spread of the virus. In the medical field, using the appropriate face mask is essential in minimising the spread of possibly infectious diseases. Keep reading to know why Medicom Safemask is one of the leading brands, including properly wearing and choosing the suitable face mask for you.


About Medicom Masks

Medicom safe masks are manufactured using the latest methods and equipment in their own industrial facilities. The modern designs and excellent materials guaranteeing that Medicom masks give reliable security and exceptional comfort. These assurances are applicable even for people who have sensitive skin or feel claustrophobic in regular face masks.


Seven Features That Set Medicom Masks Apart

Medicom offers a wide range of high-quality procedure masks. This gives healthcare specialists reliable protection without compromising breathability. Furthermore, the seven best features of Medicom safe mask are:medicom safemask

  1. High-quality media for best filtration and comfort.
  2. The non-woven spun external bond layer gives the most excellent protection against liquid penetration.
  3. The non-woven spun-bond polypropylene inner layer is a dye-free component that will not thread or tear when used.
  4. Adjustable, extra-long, encased aluminium nose piece frames a solid seal to give personalised comfort and protection.
  5. Ample-length earloops are solid, soft, ultrasonically closed, and connected to the outside of the mask to prevent irritation and pulling.
  6. Shingle crease design forestalls cross-contamination and fluid pooling.
  7. Soft-bond ultrasonics guarantee strong construction and remove holes and defects.


Five Popular Medicom Safe Masks


Medicom SafeMask Premier Earloop Mask

This is for ASTM Level 1. This low barrier mask is for everyday protection when doing oral exams or treating low-risk patients. Also, Safemask Premier is suitable for procedures including low levels of spray and spatter. The smooth, flexible, ultrasonically closed-ear loops forestall irritation and permit simple removal with a lower hazard of self-contamination. This mask also has an adjustable nosepiece that can give comfort and a personalised fit. In addition, it also has non-woven layers and a shingle pleat design that will not easily tear or lint and prevent fluid pooling and cross-contamination.


Medicom SafeMask Surgical Tie-On Mask

This is another low barrier mask with extra-long laces to guarantee a comfortable, personalised fit. Ideal for those with bigger or smaller than regular measurements. This mask is also applicable for everyday protection when examining or treating low-risk patients. In addition, it also has the main seven features of Medicom mask products.


Medicom SafeMask Premier Elite Earloop Masks

This category is for ASTM Level 3. This high barrier mask is suitable for examining or treating high-risk patients. This mask is also ideal for procedures involving high levels of spray, moisture, spatter, and airborne particles. Like other Medicom face masks, the premier elite earloop mask has an adjustable nosepiece for a personalised fit. It also possesses ultrasonically sealed ear loops to prevent irritation, shingle pleat, and non-woven layers for protection.


Hedy SoftMask Defender Earloop Mask

This is also a high barrier face cover with an added anti-bacterial coating for the highest degree of protection accessible in a face mask. The material used in this mask is non-irritating to the skin. It also has a pleated applicable for a bigger breathing chamber.


SafeMask Master Series

This mask has an incredible softness and an appropriate fit without reducing the degree of your security. In fact, this item is accessible in all three ASTM levels of protection and in an assortment of dynamic colours.


Proper Steps To Wear A Mask

Nowadays, wearing a mask is a typical part of being around other people. The proper use, storage, and disposal or cleaning of masks are crucial for them to be effective. In any case, here are the appropriate steps on The doctor and the patient both worn a to wear a mask:

  • First, you need to wash your hands. Cleaning your hand is essential before and after you wear your mask or touch it at any time.
  • Then, ensure it covers both your nose, mouth, and chin. Also, if it has shingle pleats, wear your mask with pleats facing down.
  • When you remove your mask, place it in clean storage or bag, and consistently wash it if it is made of fabric or dispose of it in the trash bin for a medical mask.
  • Lastly, remember not to use masks with valves.


Buy Medicom Products Online at Critical Dental

Medicom has been giving the best materials and equipment used by dentists or other healthcare professionals. They supply a complete course of high-quality personal protective equipment, including a broad scope of sterilisation products, masks, gloves, and dental accessories. Most of these you can get online at Critical Dental or call us at (02) 8883 0674 to reserve your Medicom as your Australia dental items supplier!



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