Essential Dental Handpieces: What Is A Gracey Curette?

what is Gracey curette

There is such a variety on the hand tools that dentists use even for a simple procedure. Whether you opt for simple extraction or root canal treatment, dentists prepare countless items on their tray. But like any functional equipment, each one has its own purpose and significance. For instance, the Gracey curette is one indispensable tool on every dental procedure. Without it, even a simple in-chair cleaning could be tricky. 


With all the scraping, scratching, and digging during a dental process, some avoid it completely. Indeed, it is uncomfortable thinking of the numbers of handpieces that go in and out of your mouth. But if you know someone who has high anxiety and worries about going to the dentist, maybe it is time to help them face it. By walking them on the tools dentists use, they may adapt familiarity and comfort during treatment. And Gracey curette is an amazing subject to start.


What Is A Gracey Curette?

how does Gracey curette worksOne type of the periodontal curettes, a Gracey curette has a blade, face, handle, rounded back, and toe. Designed for removing subgingival calculus, scaling, and root planing, it is one of the clinic’s standard instruments. It has specific designs that could easily adapt to the anatomy of the roots and the periodontal area.


What Are The Types Of Gracey Curettes?

Its different types are perfect for reaching on to the different gum and tooth surfaces on the mouth. For instance, traditional Gracey curettes like 1-2 and 3-4, are, particularly for the anterior tooth surface. There are also rigid curettes for heavy calculus removal and debridement. And considering these excellent impacts in cleaning the tooth surface and edge, manufacturers supply Gracey curettes with innovative features. Nowadays, you could find Gracey curettes with an extended shank or modified working tips. Gracey curettes like the mini five or micro-mini five have smaller ends to reach deep pockets better. 


Gracey Curettes Vs Universal Curettes

what is the difference of Gracey curette with other toolsThe universal curette is a double ended tool. This feature allows it to adapt to any tooth surface easily. Compared to the Gracey type, double ended curettes have two cutting edges bent on a right angle. With a shank that enables easier tilting for angulation, the double ended curettes offer easy manipulation as well. 


Gracey Curette Vs Tooth Scaler

Although the Gracey curettes have a design fit for scaling, it has few differences with the typical scalers you will find. These variations are set on the blades and size of both instruments. The Gracey curettes have a semicircular blade while a scaler has a triangular one.


To Conclude

Although the crooked, sharp, and slim look of the Gracey curettes could be intimidating, it has specific roles on dentistry procedures. After all, the dentist could not use the scalers or other tools in place of the Gracey curette. With the intricate designs perfect for every particular area in the mouth, these tools enable first-rate finishing.

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