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If you own a dental or medical clinic, then you know how important it is to have equipment that is reliable, dependable, and effective. This is especially important for sterilisation of instruments and tools in your practice. Proper sterilisation prevents infections from spreading. This is an unfortunate issue that is growing to become a problem for patients as well as medical practitioners. For a high-quality autoclave for sale, take a look at Critical Dental.

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We’ve been in the industry for two decades, working alongside clinicians and medical professionals. We not only supply autoclaves, but also all the autoclave supplies that you’ll need at great prices.

We’re different from other suppliers online. Instead of supplying ‘anything and everything’, we focus on offering you premium equipment like the best autoclaves so that you can perform at the top of your game.

We strive to provide customers with exemplary service, so when you reach out to our customer service team you always get a personal touch from a friendly expert in Australia. Our products are great quality and can be accessed at a price that’s fair and affordable.

You can find a medical autoclave for sale as well as any autoclave supplies you need by shopping with Critical Dental.  From autoclave printer ribbons to autoclave printer rolls, we supply several trustworthy brands to practices around Australia, including W&H and Melag. When you buy an autoclave with us, you’re getting the value you deserve while maintaining the standards of quality you set for your practice.

If you are truly concerned about the health and safety of your patients, then you need a reliable autoclave steriliser. For sale, a cheap yet high-performance Melag steriliser is available on our website. Melag is one of the trusted brands we turn to in order to provide you with the equipment your need to perform efficiently and smoothly. They’re a leading industry player in innovative system solutions for instrument processing. This includes steam sterilisers, washer disinfectors and sealing devices. Made in Germany, Melag autoclaves have all the efficient functionality and reliability that you might expect. With a Melag Autoclave range, you can enjoy:

• A user friendly interface

• An innovative design

• Water containers integrated to allow for ease when disposing of waste

• A vacuum with high performance

• A steam system that sterilises instruments quickly and thoroughly

Melag provides you with the best way to sterilise instruments, and you can find a Melag autoclave machine for sale on our website. Check out our 31b and 41b models as an example.

Some of the most popular autoclaves from Melag include:

• The Pro Class Melag 31b autoclave, which has a capacity of 5kg for instruments and 2500w power consumption as well as the ability to hold 18 litres.

• The Melag 41b autoclave has a ventilation system as well as 8 trays and the ability to hold 9kg instruments.

• The 43B with a 22 litre system is great for practices that use a large number of instruments and need sterilisation that is more powerful than other machines.

Know that if you buy an autoclave by Melag, you’re buying into quality equipment at an autoclave price lower than you might find in other online bricks and mortar retailers.

Melag autoclaves have some pretty impressive features that you don’t always get on other makes of sterilisation unit, especially for the autoclave price. These include:

Impressive steam sterilisation features such as DRYtelligence – This is one of the world’s first intelligent drying systems using specially developed algorithms to automatically change the drying cycle according to the load. This in turn shortens operating times and saves resources

Super quick program – Melag’s super-quick program can sterilise wrapped instruments in as little as 20 minutes and unwrapped instruments in as little as 10 minutes – This includes fractionated pre-vacuum and drying. Ideal for those seeking a fast turnaround on instruments and tools.

Integrated software – Perhaps one of the most user-friendly aspects of a Melag autoclave is the already integrated software for labelling, instrument approval and traceability. This added feature is at not extra cost and means you don’t have to buy added autoclave supplies.

You can buy an autoclave online from Critical Dental. We are the leading suppliers in Australia of dental and medical equipment as well any autoclave supplies you may need in your clinic. So, if you’re looking for a great autoclave price, Critical Dental have you covered.

Get in contact with our friendly team in order to get questions answered or learn additional information about our products. We have a good selection of Melag products and other autoclaves for sale.

Critical Dental provides a high standard of customer service to all of our customers. When you buy from us, you’re getting outstanding deals on the finest medical and dental supplies on the market, but in return, if you have any issues with equipment, we’ll help you troubleshoot the problem and find a solution. We add a personal touch whenever we do business, so you won’t have to speak with a call centre in a foreign country in order to get the help you need.

Need information about our autoclaves for sale?

Melag If you want to know any information about any autoclave for sale, then our experienced team can help. We’ll also give you more information on deals that we’re currently offering on all of your favourite brands. So, you really can save money when you’re looking for autoclaves, sterilisers and more when you buy with Critical Dental – one of the leading suppliers of medical and dental equipment in Australia.

Get in touch with us via phone by calling the number listed on our website (02) 8883 0674 or simply browse and buy and let us do the rest. Remember, you can buy with confidence, knowing that you have the best quality autoclave at the best autoclave price.

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