EMS Piezon Scaler Handpiece – Non Optic

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EM-EN061 / EM-EN041

The PIEZON handpiece product range brings our customers unparalleled ultrasonic quality, new levels of dexterity, speeds in oscillation that are redefining industry standards and more; all with a minimal-invasive capability. At the heart of this market leading performance is a state-of-the-art piezoceramic disc technology which, when coupled with the innovative PIEZON NO-PAIN module, means that all PIEZON handpieces can deliver unsurpassed levels of precision and linear oscillation.
The ergonomic design with a pen-style grip is a key factor in the advanced capabilities of the PIEZON handpiece. Benefit from greater maneuverability and superior access thanks to its lightweight body and slender nose-tip. Developed around the concepts of conservative treatment and maximum patient comfort, the Swiss Made PIEZON Instruments are made out of exclusive surgical-grade stainless steel with jewel-grade polishing.


  • Unibody construction for low operating noise & vibrations for improved user comfort and easier maintenance
  • Optimal diameter and ergonomic design for pen-style grip
  • Relaxing grasp for accuracy, control and elimination of pressure points
  • Lightweight and well balanced to reduce hand fatigue
  • Thin handpiece nose for better visibility and accessibility
  • Medical-grade resin body for high durability
  • Thermodisinfectable and sterilisable

Buy An EMS Handpiece Online At Critical Dental

Critical Dental is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality equipment for your dental practice. We understand how important it is to make sure that your equipment is functional, reliable, and trustworthy so that you can administer precise treatments for patients. If you’re in need of a quality EMS handpiece to help you provide the best minimally invasive and comfortable treatment, we can help.

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EMS are a world leader in dental prevention and prophylaxis. Founded in 1981, the company’s ethos is that dental visits should be both pleasant and pain-free for patients. As a result EMS bought about an evidence-based protocol for oral biofilm (dental plaque) management that now sets the standard. All of their Piezon, Periflow and Airflow EMS handpieces and tools are designed with this in mind.

An EMS handpiece and the attaching tools allow for the best modern, safe and comfortable treatments for dental patients. EMS Airflow utilises the latest airflow technology combined with an erythritol-based powder to remove sub and supragingival biofilm (plaque). This guarantees targeted gentle and risk-free de-scaling of biofilm.

For the removal of harder calculus deposits, the EMS Piezon No Pain scaling tool uses gentle ultrasonic technology to shift problematic tartar build-up using gentle techniques. No more scraping required!

All EMS handpieces are ergonomically designed for operator comfort, a pen style grip, a slender nose tip and lightweight body provide greater manoeuvrability and superior access. In addition, they’re well balanced so they sit well in the hand, reducing hand fatigue. A medical grade resin body allows for the highest durability, while all handpieces are designed to be used in both ultrasonic cleaning facilities and autoclaves. Other features of handpieces by EMS include

• Low operating noise and vibrations

• Relaxed easy-grip technology

• A wide range of interchangeable tools

Whether you need a detachable dental scaler, or a prophylaxis brush, EMS have designed their handpieces so that tips are interchangeable, so that, in addition to EMS-only tips, buyers can also use preferred brands like Woodpecker, NSK, MKDent, VRN if they choose so.

The easy-lock mechanism is designed to add or remove tips with ease, plus the wide variety of dental tips available means that EMS handpieces are incredibly adaptable. With this tool, you’ll experience a higher level of precision when performing treatments and your patients will be highly satisfied.

Critical Dental is one of Australia’s leading online providers of dental tools, equipment and consumables. We focus on supplying the very best quality brands at the very best prices.  So, if you’re looking for a new or replacement EMS handpiece or handpiece tips, then you can rest assured that we have some of the best prices online. In addition, we’re constantly hosting new promotions, so be sure to give us a call at (02) 8883 0674 with any questions you may have.

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