Dynek Dysilk Sutures – Non-absorbable (Box of 36)

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DYSILK is a natural fiber and has been manufactured to a high standard. It has been specially braided to allow ease of handling.

The individual filaments of the highest quality silk are specially treated to give good handling properties. The braid is made up of a core of twisted silk around which a cover is plaited. Special processes are then applied to ensure regularity of diameter, surface smoothness and the best extension for good knotting characteristics.

The knotting of silk has always been important. We believe that DYSILK has achieved special knotting techniques through advances in braiding technology. It never becomes hard or difficult to handle but ties down with a high degree of knot security.

Dynek Dysilk Black Braided Treated Silk Sutures – Non-absorbable, Box of 36.
S405 – Dynek Dysilk, 4-0, 45cm, Reverse Cutting, 19mm, 3/8 Circle
S305 – Dynek Dysilk, 3-0, 45cm, Reverse Cutting, 19mm, 3/8 Circle
S306 – Dynek Dysilk, 3-0, 45cm, Reverse Cutting; 24mm, 3/8 Circle

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