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Critical Dental is one of the leading disposable gowns suppliers in Australia keeping dental clinics stocked with the highest quality disposable lab gowns and surgical materials for a healthy practice.


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When working in the lab or with patients in your dental practice, it’s vital to wear protective materials such as a medical lab gown and mask to prevent yourself from being exposed to fluids and chemicals. Protecting your skin and clothes with disposable lab gowns helps to keep staff and patients safe from contracting infections and disease.

Disposable surgical gowns in Australia have become more popular with dental surgeons than the traditional white fabric lab gown, for many reasons.

Whether you’re working in the lab or carrying out a surgical/medical procedure, there’s always the risk of fluid spills. This could be blood or dental solvents which can cause nasty stains on a white fabric coat. By wearing a disposable lab gown, unlike lab coats it can be discarded at the end of a shift, so there’s no danger of accidentally picking up a gown in the morning that hasn’t been laundered.

Yes, fabric hospital lab gowns are reusable, but you can’t be sure that all traces of detergent or fabric softeners have been totally rinsed away. When working in sterile conditions these seemingly harmless substances can become harmful contaminants and could get into the body of a patient via cuts or open incisions. The only way to be sure of total sterility is to put on a new disposable lab gown each and every time.

At Critical Dental we sell a variety of disposable surgical gowns in Australia including front button tab gowns with sleeve cuffs and tie-back disposable isolation gowns which are available in handy packs of 10 and keep you covered during dental and surgical procedures. Manufactured in China, they’re non-woven, non-irritating and most importantly, fluid resistant.

Sourcing and ordering the best disposable gowns can be a real headache. We make it easy for you to shop or browse our catalogue since we have one of the largest range of dental products online including disposable lab gowns.

As well as being disposable gown suppliers, we’re knowledgeable about all our products, supplies and manufacturers and are happy to offer our customers assistance and advice should they need it.

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