Importance of Quality Dentist Tools in Modern Dentistry

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Of course, you want to give your patients nothing but the best treatment. After all, it’s your reputation at stake. However, that treatment can be compromised if you and your team are relying on outdated dentist tools or simply don’t have enough tools to go around.

It only takes a couple of negative comments on social media or a scathing testimonial, to impact the flow of appointments and send your profits plummeting.

The truth is that good quality dentist tools and equipment can benefit a dental practice in many ways – including the perks that come with better designs and better-quality materials, not forgetting the biggest benefit of them all – efficiency!

Let’s consider some of the reasons why you should love high-end quality dentist tools – and your patients should too.

Superior materials

When you invest in quality dental instruments you can expect them to made from superior materials. This, in turn, can lead to

  • Improved precision
  • Better results, and
  • An instrument that inevitably lasts longer.

What sort of materials are we referring to?

Well, titanium for starters. Yes, the same material that is used to manufacture aircraft components and increase the performance of racing cars among other things.

So why titanium?

Titanium is a perfect choice for dentist tools, particularly hygiene tools, because of its high strength to weight ratio coupled with its resistance to corrosion. Light, strong, and resilient, it’s all you could want from a dental instrument.

It’s these factors that make titanium a more preferable choice to stainless steel in certain scenarios – such as when cleaning exposed implant components or when there is a need to preserve the fragile peri-implant tissue barrier surrounding a dental implant.

Another material used in quality dentist tools is stainless steel. Similar to titanium, it too, is strong, corrosion-resistant, and safe. It’s a far better option than cheaper materials such as brass, plastic, or chrome-plated metals. These types of materials are more likely to peel, chip, or suffer damage from heat and chemicals used in sterilising products.

Not only will higher quality materials like stainless steel and titanium endure the demands of daily sterilisation, but you’ll still be using them to treat patients, many years down the line.

where to buy dental instruments dentist tools baulkhamPrecise design

According to the International Journal of Preventative and Clinical Dental Research, 3 out of 4 dental professionals experience neck and back pain that can affect their quality of life, productivity, and even their career longevity. Many quality instruments are ergonomically designed for precision and scientifically engineered for outstanding performance. This allows the dental professional to operate the tool properly without feeling fatigued or succumbing to any form of injury.


So what can you expect? 

When you purchase quality dentist tools you can expect them to fit comfortably into the shape of your hand, feel light and well-balanced, and require less force to operate them – all of which makes tool handling a better experience all round!

Quality tools – efficient practice

Ergonomics is one thing, but in reality, any dentist tools, you do use should also be efficient. The good news is that many high-quality dental instruments are manufactured using some of the best materials and precision engineering. This means that dentists should be able to perform their jobs better – and more efficiently.

Alternatively, substandard dentist tools can mean longer treatment times, more discomfort for the patient, and often discomfort for the dentist too.

High-quality dentist tools can help dental practices treat their patients faster and more effectively, reduce treatment times, and increase the number of appointments that can be accomodated.

Ultimately, such efficiency and effectiveness will keep patients satisfied and comfortable which, in turn, will lead them to recommend your practice to their friends and family. All of these factors play an important role in the running of a successful dental practice.

Cutting-edge dentists tools at affordable prices

One of the challenges facing modern dentistry in recent years has been the downturn of the economy. As a result, dentists looking for ways to cut back on spending may decide to opt for lower-cost dental tools. This, in turn, may have a knock-on effect on the quality of dentistry that the patient receives.

Fortunately, manufacturers such as NSK Dental recognised this fact, and in 2014 developed cutting edge but affordable products they could offer to dental practices, helping to make dental care more affordable and better for people.

These included their Ti-Max handpieces which featured the industry’s first 45-degree angled head and the Ti-Max Z which featured another first in the industry, a two-way spray function. Since then, other companies have followed suit and also offer a variety of leading-edge dentist tools at prices that won’t break the bank.

Dental tools and their uses

While all dental practices will have basic dentist tools such as

  • Mouth mirrors
  • Sickle probes
  • Scalers
  • Saliva ejectors
  • Dental drills
  • Syringes, and
  • Moulds

many practices will need an additional set of dental tools, and their uses will include performing procedures such as bone surgery, sinus lifts, and periodontology. The problem is knowing where to buy quality dental instruments at affordable prices.

Where to buy dental instruments

Critical Dental have been aiding dentists with the equipment and tools they need for almost 20 years, yet we like to think that we’re still on the cutting-edge of innovation. Over the years we’ve built and nurtured great relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers including NSK and W&H, enabling us to negotiate some unbeatable prices for a wide variety of dentist tools and other dental equipment.

Committed to providing superior dental instruments together with great customer service, we’re one of the leading dental consumables suppliers in Australia. Why not see for yourself and browse our catalogue and peruse our deal of the week? We’re likely to have just the dentist tools you need.

For more information on any dental products, please call our team of friendly experts on (02) 8883 0674.

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