Considering on Buying Dental Supplies Online – The Benefits and Pitfalls

Let’s face it, everyone likes a good deal – even dentists looking to save a few dollars, and this is why buying dental supplies online can be a cost-effective way to do just that. However, while an obvious benefit may be simply getting the products you need at a seriously competitive price, money-saving can also be problematic in that you might not always get what you think you’re paying for. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at more of the benefits and some of the pitfalls of going online to find the best dental supplies at the best prices.

First the benefits…

Buying Dental Supplies online can save you money

As a dentist first and a business owner second, the main priority for most is to continually offer a high-quality service that regular customers are used to while keeping overheads low. This can be a tough ask, particularly when the amount of income isn’t always cohesive with the cost of upkeep, payroll, and of course, supplies.

While it isn’t always feasible to cut back on overheads like payroll and the day to day running costs a busy practice entails, one key area when you can and should cut back is dental supplies.

The good news is that there are some pretty good deals to be had even from leading dental suppliers online, and this is something you should take advantage of.

Many companies offering dental supplies online give you the option to buy wholesale, and buying in bulk can be a great way of getting the products you need at a fraction of the cost. This can be seriously beneficial, especially if you go through a lot of disposable products like hand towels, gloves, cups, sponges, gauze, syringe tips and headrest covers.

leading dental suppliers dental supplies online baulkham hillsOnline dental supply offers convenience

While some understandably like the notion of dealing face to face with a company representative, ordering dental supplies from a bricks and mortar dental supplier means that you either have to pick up the phone and place an order during normal business hours; or wait until the supplier has visited you – say once a month – and then spend time going through the latest offers and promotions with them. Either way, the unfortunate fact is that these processes take time out of your busy day and away from your patients.

Conversely, when you purchase dental supplies online from a trusted online dental supplier you can take time to browse through a virtual catalogue and place an order at a time that suits you. Whether that’s on a weekend, in the evening, or when you have a spare 30 minutes in between patients, you are in control. It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t take away from patient-focused tasks.

You can get what you need in one place

The inventory of a good online dental supply stockist is often unmatched by a retailer who sells in the traditional way. On a good dental website, you should be able to find a comprehensive array of products ranging from disposable products, alloys, and anaesthetics through to dental handpieces, surgical products, and so much more. So instead of having to order a variety of products from different vendors, you can get all your dental supplies in one place, saving you a small fortune on shipping costs.

All in all, just because circumstances are difficult for dentists, shouldn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality care for your patients. Buying quality dental supplies online allow you to provide that service without compromise. However, before you rush out to browse the best dental supply deals, there are also some pitfalls you really should avoid…

The pitfalls of buying dental products online

Be aware of dental products sold in secondary marketplaces

Have you ever looked on secondary marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and seen the vast array of dental equipment and supplies on offer – tempting right? While legitimate products are being sold by well-known manufacturers, there are also many others who use popular secondary marketplaces to sell their dental equipment and supplies.

While prices may seem very attractive, they often come from overseas and as a result aren’t always approved by the Therapeutic Goods Act. This means they may not be safe to be used on patients in Australia.

As a general rule of thumb, be very wary if the product is a make or brand that you don’t know. Firstly it could well be that if you do purchase it and it doesn’t conform to import and supply regulations, then you could be facing a hefty fine. Moreover and more importantly, non-conforming dental supplies and products may also be dangerous for your patients.

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is!

So what if you do see an unbelievable offer, is the price too good to be true? In most cases, it is.

Why not talk to your current online or store supplier and ask them why a particular online price is far lower than what they are offering. In most cases there is likely to be a valid reason. It could be that …

  • The product may look the same but isn’t
  • The material used is not of the same quality that you might expect
  • It could even be a bait and switch product – advertising one dental product to pique your interest and when an order is placed, a different (and usually lesser) product is received in return

For advice, see if the dental product is a well-known branded name and check out similar prices for the same product elsewhere. If it’s way off the mark, then it’s best to avoid it!

So there you have it, the benefits and pitfalls of buying dental supplies online!

If you follow the rules as detailed above, then buying your dental products virtually makes a great deal of economic sense, and offers a secure and convenient way of getting the products you need.

Here at Critical Dental we’re one of only a handful of leading dental suppliers in Australia and work only with top name brands for your satisfaction.  For over 50 years we have provided high-quality products at the best prices possible so why not see for yourself and visit our website where you can download our latest online catalogue. When it comes to superior quality, our customers can trust in Critical Dental.  For more information, contact our Customer Service team at (02) 8883 0674.

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