High Quality Dental Supplies in Melbourne at Critical Dental

As a Melbourne dentist, you know that your clinic is only as good as the equipment and supplies found inside it. But when it comes to dental supplies, Melbourne dentists sometimes struggle to find a supplier they can rely on.

That’s where Critical Dental comes in.

Premium Dental and Surgical Supply in Melbourne, VIC

At Critical Dental, we work hard to constantly update our list of dental supply offerings. If you’re having a hard time finding dental supplies in Melbourne, then we can guarantee you’ll find what you need in our carefully curated inventory.

We search out the best dental materials and equipment and then ship your selected items right to your Melbourne clinic. Our online catalogue makes it easy to search for and select products that match your budget and treatment preferences. After online checkout, we’ll ensure that your order gets shipped to you in Melbourne.

Who Is Critical Dental?

Based in Sydney, our company has been owned by the same family ever since it started 20 years ago. Our team has extensive experience in the dental industry, and they apply their knowledge to the process of designing a dental supply catalogue for dentists in Melbourne and other areas.

We are dedicated to making your business a success and we’re delighted to work with you in reaching your goals. If your Melbourne VIC dental clinic or surgery needs quality dental supplies in Melbourne, then you can count on us to deliver–with a personal touch!

We excel in offering customer service to each of the respected dentists we work with. When you choose Critical Dental, you get more than great dental supplies. Melbourne dentists like you who work with us gain a valuable professional resource.


What You’ll Find at Critical Dental

What do you need in the way of dental supplies? Melbourne dentists often order GlaxoSmithKline products from us (including Biotene and Sensodyne) since we are the exclusive Australian retailer of this company.

We also carry an extensive store of dental and surgical equipment such as compressors and suction systems. Ask us about our Deal of the Week that we send out each Monday to find out what special offers we’ve prepared for Melbourne dental clinics.

Quality Surgical and Dental Supplies Melbourne Dentists Love

We’ve been honoured to work with many Melbourne dentists and we’d love to have you join, as well. As you begin the search for dental supplies in Melbourne, remember to visit Critical Dental.