Dental Products Online – 4 Key Points You Need To Know

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When considering your options for dental products, being able to procure tools, equipment, and materials online is a convenient way of getting what you need, whenever you need it. However, buying dental products online can also be a bit of a minefield. With this in mind, here are 4 key points you really should know. 

Buy the best you can afford to buy

When it comes to dental products, professionals have access to a wide variety of dental products online. From simple mouth mirrors through to the latest CBCT technology, all that you need to run a busy practice can be bought with the click of a mouse. In fact, the dental products business is worth around $5 billion worldwide with the vast majority of this now coming from E-commerce stores. 

The problem is that not all dental products are created equal. While you don’t have to look far to find dental products suppliers offering bargain-basement deals on a wide variety of items, what you usually find is that they are from brands you know very little about. 

On the contrary, purchase a product or tool with a branded name and chances are you’re buying into a product with a great track record – not to mention – years of development behind them.

What this means for you is:

  • Tools that feel ergonomically balanced, thus avoiding back and neck problems that plague many a dentist. 
  • Materials that have the backing of decades of clinical trialling and
  • Equipment that is more efficient, quieter, and longer lasting.

All of this will have a positive impact on you and your patients.

A word of warning – There are a lot of fake dental products or equipment on the market but it’s worth remembering that no online store can display branded logos without the company’s permission. Therefore if you are in doubt, you can always contact the brand directly and ask them if they happen to sell their dental products online via a particular seller.  

Check the appearance and style of the website

While not always indicative, a well-managed website and catalogue should appear both organised and reassuring. So alarm bells should be ringing if products are:first order online dental products australia critical dental

  • Haphazard
  • Difficult to locate
  • Contain poor picture quality and/or 
  • Have little or no descriptive content

This may indicate to buyers looking to purchase dental products online that deliveries might not always be timely and customer service could be a little patchy. Clearly, this isn’t great when you are looking to form a long-term professional relationship with the right dental supplier.

In addition, sites that accept payment should always have the ‘https://’ prefix. This ensures buyers the utmost security when processing card payments as any details are encrypted and therefore can’t be viewed by others. 

Don’t bulk-buy on your first order

As with any new partnership/venture, it’s often best to dip your toe in the water first and experience the process before you fully commit. For this reason, it’s best not to order dental products, materials, and tools in bulk when ordering for the first time. 

Instead, start off with something small (a couple of reasonably-priced hand tools for example) and monitor the experience from placing the order through to delivery and customer follow-up. 

Any decent dental products suppliers should allow you to order as little or as much as you like, so this shouldn’t be a problem but in addition, they should offer cash on delivery. If in doubt, look out for a COD symbol on the website and use the Cash On Delivery option when making the first few purchases. After that, when you build up a good relationship, you can look to purchase in bulk or procure more expensive items.

Speaking of which…this leads us on to our next key point

Dedicated person-to-person customer care

Since the growth of e-Commerce stores, online suppliers of dental equipment are coming to the realisation that they need to provide top notch customer service in order to compete with the localised vendors who already have the advantage of a personalised relationship with the client. 

As such, reputable companies who supply dental products online take customer service very seriously. Therefore, they have dedicated and knowledgeable teams who respond to all customer queries via telephone, social media, and email. 

This may be important when looking for a top end piece of equipment or an expensive item as you may have a list of questions you need answering before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. As a result, an online company with a random call centre located in a different country might not cut it. 

Instead, to ensure you get the service you need, it’s worth asking if the online company you are using operate dedicated person-to-person customer care. This way you get peace of mind when buying the high-ticket dental products or equipment you need. 

So there you have it! 

Buying dental products online is both safe and convenient, providing the right steps are taken. So, where to buy dental products online?

At Critical Dental we have some 50 years of experience in the dental field and have built a rapport with top brand leaders like NSK, Cattani and Melag to provide Australian dentists with high-quality products at very competitive prices. Why not visit our website and download our catalogue where you can see our great selection of branded products at hard-to-beat prices yourself. When it comes to superior quality, you can trust Critical Dental.

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