Quality Dental Instrument Suppliers: What To Look Out For

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Traditionally, if you were considering buying dental instruments you would either visit your local dental instrument suppliers, or they would come to you to discuss your needs and requirements. Over time, you would build up a rapport with them and in return for your business, they would supply you with a great service.

Now, however, there are many online stores offering a vast array of dental equipment, tools, and instruments at very competitive prices. In fact, according to Dental Org.com, in the last 5 years over 100 virtual stores have emerged selling everything you need to run a successful dental practice. Even third-party portals like Amazon and eBay are getting in on the act by allowing the sale of cut-price dental supplies online from places like India and China. For these reasons, finding the right dental instrument supplier to serve your needs can be a bit of a minefield.

Naturally, there are pros and cons for using both local suppliers and virtual online stores, so what should you look out for? Here are some hints and tips.

Look to establish a good working relationship

A great working relationship can mean that when it comes to procuring your dental instruments and equipment, you get the right equipment at the right price when you need it.

This is relatively easy to do when partnering up with a local supplier of dental instruments. Why? Because in most cases, the success of a local dental supplier will depend upon the success of your business and other practices in your location. I guess you could call it a symbiotic relationship. You need them and they need you so to speak, so understandably,  they will often go above and beyond what’s expected to deliver what you need.

On the contrary, because larger online dental instrument suppliers have a wider audience, they don’t rely heavily on your business. Sure, it brings them extra income but in the long-term, the reality is that your business is often replaceable. As a result, you may need to work harder to convince them that you are looking to partner with them for the long-haul.

if you can establish a great working relationship with your instrument supplier, then it can bring many benefits which will help deliver better patient care and ultimately, grow your dental business.

Don’t dismiss seeking out dental supplies online

While undoubtedly there are many benefits to be had from using a local supplier of dental instruments, it pays not to dismiss an online dental supplier. There are also several advantages that an online supplier has over their brick and mortar counterparts. These include:

Stocking a wider range of dental products – It stands to reason that an online supplier can stock a wider range of products and brands than any walk-in supplier would. This may be dental instruments ranging from simple endo files through to x-ray equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars

dental supplies online dental instruments suppliers critical dental australiaDiscounted deals Perhaps the beauty of virtual stores selling dental instruments online is the fact that they don’t have the overheads that local dental suppliers have.

As a result, many are able to offer bigger discounts on top branded dental instruments to their customers.

Convenience factor – There’s something very easy about buying dental supplies online. Online stores are open for business 24/7 so you can choose when and where to place your order.

As such, there is no need to call the local dental supplier or visit their location. Instead, simply browse the catalogue and place your order at a time that suits.

Improved customer service – the exponential rise in online dental instrument suppliers means that competition is tough. As such, online retailers in this sector are now taking customer service very seriously. Many will respond to customer queries quickly using a variety of methods including telephone, emails, and social media and many have realised that a poor response will lead to bad reviews.

Do your homework

As with all companies you are looking to do business with, it pays to do your homework. Is your dental instruments supplier offering branded tools? Do they have a returns policy? Are they providing ‘Cash on Delivery’ – more and more online dental suppliers are offering this type of service. Do they have good reviews? Do they come recommended? These are all questions you should be looking to find answers to before you take the plunge.

Start small

Finally, it pays to place a small order initially for one or more dental instruments. This allows you to monitor how the experience goes from the initial placing of the order and the communication you receive to the quality of the instruments purchased. This way if you aren’t entirely happy with any aspect of the service, then you haven’t lost a whole heap of cash should there be a problem getting your money back. Then you can build up gradually, by placing larger orders for dental equipment, possibly taking advantage of bulk orders (and the savings that come with that) where necessary.

So there you have it! Hopefully, you have some useful information on how to find the right dental instrument suppliers and tips to look out for when buying dental tools, instruments, and equipment.

Here at Critical Dental, we’re the leading dental supplier in Australia. Established for over fifty years, we offer customers the service and dedication-to-excellence of a local supplier, along with the convenience and competitive pricing of a virtual online supplier. Visit our website or call today on (02) 8883 0674 to find out more.

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