Need Dental Handpiece Repair? Here Are Some Points You Must Consider

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For a dentist, a dental handpiece is similar to how an artist describes a pen- essential. A well-functioning dental handpiece holds so much power that it can dictate how dental treatment can result to. However, dentists and dental staff might lack the knowledge to quickly identify the status of their dental handpiece. Although sterilisation is beneficial in equipment maintenance, one question remains. How would you be able to know if your dental handpiece requires repair or if there’s no choice but to replace it? This article will focus on discussing the essential factors to consider for dental handpiece repair and maintenance.

What Is a Dental Handpiece?

As its name states, a dental handpiece is a handheld tool that dental professionals utilise in various dental treatments. These include the following:

  • Debris and plaque-build up removal
  • Changes in dental devices and prosthetics
  • Polishing of dental fillings
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatments

Dental handpieces consist of mechanical instruments or parts that initiate rotational movements and supply electricity to their cutting elements. Many dental handpieces you can find in clinics have details that provide a light source and water system. These features help improve accuracy and visibility.

Why Does a Dental Handpiece Malfunction?

dental equipment repairA dental handpiece is a must-have tool for all dental care facilities. With everyday use in routine treatments, a piece of well-maintained equipment can last for more than a decade. However, just like any other equipment, a handpiece might break down unexpectedly due to overuse or improper management. So why does a dental handpiece malfunction? Below are the three most typical errors that result in a faulty handpiece:

  • Cleaning or wiping handpieces using non-recommended materials
  • Improper use or application of lubricants
  • Adding too much air pressure than what the manufacturer suggests

Handpiece repair specialists say that you can readily resolve these issues by following the user booklet that comes with a particular brand’s handpiece. Moreover, experts also advise completely running the sterilisers through the dry cycle. Before cleaning and brushing the handpiece, it is best to drain it with tap water to remove any signs of residual moisture.

Quick Tips for Dental Handpiece Repairs

Before contacting a service provider, there are a few criteria concerning the repair quality that you should examine:

Handpiece not Turning

If your dental handpiece doesn’t turn, try rotating the burr manually with your fingers. Replace the coupler if the burr is spinning freely.

Blocked Handpiece Coupling

If the water is stopped or the air isn’t blowing, it’s possible that your coupling is clogged. Make sure the O rings on the shaft are free of dents by inspecting them. These tiny particles might become stuck in your handpiece and cause obstructions.


Handpieces that lubricate themselves will need to be adjusted once a year. If you’re using a can to hand-oil, be sure you have the correct adapter for your handpiece.

How Does Dental Handpiece Repair Take Place?

In some instances, a dental handpiece repair might require more than simple upkeeping and repair. For clinics in this situation, what do you think should be the best course of action? Suppose we’re going towards a practical approach. In that case, all it takes is reaching out to the repair facility that caters services to your specific type of handpiece.

Service Provider Training

Make sure that technicians underwent training and certification from the manufacturer. A service repair facility should guarantee its customers that its specialists are knowledgeable about each brand it serves.

Response Time for Repair

Depending on the severity of the repair, a service provider should also return the handpieces in less than two days, looking and performing like a newly acquired instrument.

Warranty of Service

Repairing a dental handpiece does not end at the moment the tool starts to work correctly again. This repair should extend the device’s lifespan, which means it should perform at its best over a considerable period.

Pick-up and Delivery of Dental Handpiece

The capacity to pick up and transport the equipment in need of repair to the client’s doorsteps shows how much a service centre will handle the process. This white-glove approach makes the repair process less time-consuming.

dental handpiece repair and tipsAre there any Tips when Purchasing Dental Handpieces?

When it comes to the availability and lifespan of equipment parts, repair experts highly advise dental facilities to pick those coming from well-known brands. For them, a handpiece that eliminates any safety issues will outlast inexpensive handpieces that are more likely to malfunction frequently in the long run. Although the less costly option may be appealing, you should insist on having your device repaired by an approved repair shop that only utilises original components. However, this advice might not be applicable in all circumstances.

Final Words of Advice

Every dental practice will have its fair share of mishaps. While many things are beyond your control, dental handpiece maintenance is not one of them. Make the smart choice to get your handpiece repaired the next time it starts to show signs of deterioration.

This would save you time and resources while ensuring that one of the most powerful instruments in your business is properly maintained. Your everyday practice is dentistry; therefore, it’s well worth the investment.

Dental Handpiece Repair in Australia

We cannot deny the importance of a dental handpiece in dental care. As a result, both dentists and their staff must regularly inspect dental handpieces to guarantee long-term durability and ease of use.

Suppose you’re looking for a more personalised dental handpiece repair. In that case, Critical Dental is proud to offer you the best materials you need for maintenance, repair, and other needs. Let one of our friendly representatives advise you on the best options available. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (02) 8883 0674.

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