At The Dentist’s Clinic: What Are The Different Dental Cleaning Tools?

dental cleaning tools

Some people may feel anxious when they need to visit their dentist, even if it is just to have a routine dental cleaning. Most of the time, these negative feelings are caused by the tools used in dental procedures. Have you ever wondered about what tools are used when you go to your dentist for routine dental cleaning? What are the specific uses of the dental cleaning tools? This article will talk about these tools and their designated use in the dental cleaning process and hopefully, help bring peace of mind for people who have dental anxiety because of the tools.


Dental cleaning tools

There are different types of dental tools that are used when tooth cleaning is performed. They are meant to make it easier for the dental professional to remove any particles that are left on teeth to prevent any plaque and tartar from forming. Although in some cases, teeth cleaning tools may cause some level of discomfort, they do not cause extreme pain. Here is a list of the different dental tools that are used in dental cleaning procedures.


Mirrors are small round teeth cleaning tools that are used to get a look at the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. These are the areas that are usually the parts of the mouth that are difficult to clean, and most of the time, they are the most likely places to find cavities. Using a mirror and other dental cleaning tools will ensure that the oral cavity will be thoroughly cleaned after the dental cleaning session.


dental cleaning tools

These small teeth cleaning tools are used to scrape off any plaque or hardened tartar off the teeth. There may be two ends of dental scalers, each end is used for a different part of the mouth. The shaper end of the scaler is used to dislodge and get rid of the stubborn and hard-to-remove plaque build-up that is on a person’s teeth. The other end that is curved and less blunt is meant to be used for the space in between teeth and the gum line, to get rid of any particles or plaque that has been lodged or stuck in those nooks and crannies.


These teeth cleaning tools are used after all the plaque and tartar are cleared away using the scalers, a polisher is the next teeth cleaning tool that will be used. As its name suggests, a polisher is used to polish teeth and give them a smooth shine.


To complete the dental cleaning, after the dental professional finishes cleaning the teeth and gum line, they will ask the patient to rinse their mouth with a liquid solution. Most of the time, a mouthwash will be the last dental cleaning tool used to clean the mouth before the dental cleaning will be officially over.


Dental cleaning

It is important to have your teeth cleaned regularly. If you do not have any underlying dental health issues, getting a routine dental cleaning once a year may be enough. However, if your dentist recommends it, you may need to have your teeth cleaned more often, especially if your dentist is trying to monitor and track a certain type of dental issue that needs attention.

If you are avoiding going to your routine dental cleaning session just because of the dental cleaning tools, you cant talk to your dentist about your fears. It will not likely be the first time that a dentist has dealt with dental anxiety, they will be able to recommend solutions for your fears. Keep in mind that getting routine dental cleaning periodically will keep you away from dental health problems.

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