Surgic Pro Oral Surgery Handpiece – Electric vs Air Driven

oral surgery handpiece critical dental australia

The oral surgery handpiece is one of the most commonly used handpieces in dentistry today. In many countries, dentists prefer high-speed air-driven pieces because they are generally cheaper to buy and more cost-effective to maintain. However, electrical handpieces such as the NSK Surgic Pro are gaining in popularity but how do they fare against air-driven […]

Dental Equipment Supplies – 4 Common Misconceptions

dental equipment supplies critical dental australia

Everyone loves to find a great deal, even dental professionals looking to buy dental equipment supplies. Irrespective of whether they’re purchasing directly from a retailer/wholesaler or a third party marketplace, the idea remains the same – that is to buy quality products with the right features at an affordable price. Unfortunately, there are some false […]

Dental Face Mask – How To Wear & Use One

dental face mask critical dental australia

A dental face mask is a vital piece of equipment worn to protect dental professionals from the spread of airborne diseases, bacteria and splatter generated during the use of high-speed handpieces and scalers. Reports generated as early as the 1960s detailed increases in upper-respiratory-tract infections in dentists, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that dental […]

Sterilisation In Dentistry – Why Is It Important?

sterilisation in dentistry critical dental australia

It’s true to say that sterilisation in dentistry plays a vital role in any dental clinic. Not only does it protect your investment in high-quality dentist tools, but more importantly, it plays a pivotal role in the health and safety of patients and staff under your care. Whether you’re a dentist, dental hygienist, or a […]

Are Dental X Rays Safe? – What Every Patient Needs To Know

are dental x rays safe critical dental australia

You may be told you need a dental x-ray during a routine check-up but why are they carried out and, more importantly, are dental x-rays safe? While a visual examination of your teeth and gums can tell your dentist a certain amount about the condition of your oral health, dental x-rays delve that much deeper. […]

Dentist Chair Guide – 5 Top Tips You Really Need To Know Before Buying

dentist chair critical dental australia

One of the most important investments you are likely to make as a dentist is your dentist chair. It’s the first thing a patient is likely to notice when they walk into your treatment room and the comfort (or lack of it) is the first real impression a patient will get with regards to your […]

Dental Handpiece Maintenance: Points You Need To Know

dental handpiece maintenance critical dental australia

The dental handpiece is one of the most commonly used instruments in the dental practice today. Used in every procedure from removing decay during a simple check-up and clean, through to complex oral surgery, proper dental handpiece maintenance is essential. Unfortunately, one of the major causes of premature instrument failure is insufficient or improper maintenance. […]

Quality Dental Instrument Suppliers: What To Look Out For

dental instruments suppliers critical dental australia

Traditionally, if you were considering buying dental instruments you would either visit your local dental instrument suppliers, or they would come to you to discuss your needs and requirements. Over time, you would build up a rapport with them and in return for your business, they would supply you with a great service. Now, however, […]

Dental Sterilisation – How The Process Protects Efficiently

dental sterilisation critical dental australia

While it’s fair to say that sound dental sterilisation procedures help to promote best hygiene practices, it isn’t simply just ‘good’ policy.  According to Science Direct, data suggests that over 83,000 patients per year suffer from Healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) here in Australia. Other sources suggest that this figure could be closer to 160,000 cases per […]

Dental Surgical Instruments – Importance For Your Practice

dental surgical instruments critical dental australia

Many dental surgeons likely have encountered scissors that don’t cut, or a handpiece drill containing machine bur debris, but is it right to assume that brand new dental surgical instruments should be of a certain level of quality? Of course you’d like to think so, but the truth is that dental instruments can and do […]

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