Autoclave Uses – Know Their Benefits On Your Practice

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Medical autoclaves are a vital component in the fight against infection control and are in essence, a giant pressure cooker – albeit a sophisticated version of the kind you might use in your kitchen to cook meat, pulses and veggies etc. Like a domestic pressure cooker, an autoclave uses steam but this time, to kill […]

Importance of Quality Dentist Tools in Modern Dentistry

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Of course, you want to give your patients nothing but the best treatment. After all, it’s your reputation at stake. However, that treatment can be compromised if you and your team are relying on outdated dentist tools or simply don’t have enough tools to go around. It only takes a couple of negative comments on […]

Dental Products Online – 4 Key Points You Need To Know

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When considering your options for dental products, being able to procure tools, equipment, and materials online is a convenient way of getting what you need, whenever you need it. However, buying dental products online can also be a bit of a minefield. With this in mind, here are 4 key points you really should know.  […]

Cattani goes about the suction business quietly and efficiently

Suction units make their fair share of noise but we can’t run a practice without them. Manufacturers, therefore, are doing their best to reduce that noise, with Cattani’s SMART Cube suction range a fine example of what can be achieved – quietly and efficiently. Half as loud, cheaper to run Half the perceived loudness The […]